Sensory Loss Support

Specialist, tailored support for those who suffer from sensory impairment


Sensory impairment’ or ‘sensory loss’ are umbrella terms used to describe loss of the distance senses i.e. sight and hearing.  

People with a sensory impairment will experience life with their impairment in an entirely different way to others with the same type of sensory impairment – no two people will be exactly the same. Care services and support are all individually tailored to meet the persons needs.

There are 4 types of sensory impairment:

  1. Hearing Impairment
  2. Visual Impairment
  3. Deafblind/ Dual sensory impairment
  4. Deaf British Sign Language (BSL) User

Sensory loss symptoms
can include...

Needing to increase the volume on the television or radio
Difficulty following a conversation
Not hearing loud noises, including the doorbell or smoke alarm
Asking others to speak loudly, slowly or more clearly
Needing to hold books or reading materials very close or sitting close to the television
Difficulty, or trepidation when moving in an unfamiliar places

How a Hub Personal Support Assistant can help the patient:

A hub PA can take the worry away, make life easier and support you to live your life to the fullest. 

Rest assured you can rely on your chosen personal support assistant to come when they say they will and provide support that you have agreed with them. 

Our service allows you to be in control of your own care and you can be confident you are getting what you need.

How a Hub Personal Support Assistant can help the family: 

Our team of Personal Support Assistants will provide reassurance.  We understand that having care is daunting and worrying for both the person who needs it and their families, which is why we work with the client and their families to ensure everyone is happy and receiving the care they need and deserve.  Your important people will be in safe hands!

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