Questions to ask a potential PA

We understand that speaking to someone about your care requirements can seem very personal and daunting, but all Hub Personal Support Assistants are here to help, and to put you at ease.

We always recommend you speak to a PA, be it face to face or over the telephone because it’s so important that you feel happy and comfortable with them in your own home.

What training have you completed that qualifies you to be a Personal Support Assistant?

In addition to their QCAS training, the purpose of this question allows you to understand their background and if additional training has been completed. By asking this question, it will give you enough information to decide if they are going to be suitable or not.

What duties as a PA do you enjoy the least?

Most PA’s can perform a wide variety of duties for their clients. The purpose of asking this question is to determine their preferences and how they handle less desirable duties. You are looking for an awareness of the full scope of duties required, interest in helping you with whatever care you need, and that they respond in a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

Do you actively look at professional development to expand your knowledge and skills as a PA; and if yes, what have you completed recently?

By asking this question you can determine their approach to professional development and how interested they are in improving their skills and knowledge. Generally their response should be:

  • Interest in taking part in ongoing learning opportunities
  • Ability to adapt what they’ve learned to benefit their client’s care
  • Commitment to providing top-quality care

Why did you choose to follow a career path as a care assistant?

This question allows you to understand their reasons and motivation in choosing a career as a care assistant. Ideal responses include:

  • Passion for providing quality care
  • Displaying empathy and the desire to help and support
  • Making a difference

What happens if you’re unwell and you can’t come to visit me?

It is useful to ask this question for your own peace of mind. If the PA is unwell, they will first contact you to let you know, and then with your agreement, they may ask a colleague to carry out the visit in their place, the substitute PA should also be approved by QCAS ensuring you receive safe and professional support. They will pass all relevant details for your care requirements so that the back-up PA is fully armed with all the information needed to complete the visit with as little disruption to you as possible.

What would you like to ask me?

A PA should actively ask you questions around the care you are asking them to provide. Typical questions should include preferences, care plan and daily routine; and asking questions about you and your hobbies and interests are always a good sign.

Once you have asked all of your questions, don’t feel under pressure to make an immediate decision; a little time to think about it is perfectly acceptable. Ultimately the partnership has to work for both parties so ask for a follow up interview if you need to.

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