How much it costs

Using Hub Care Support as an introductory service, helping you to find your Personal Support Assistant is completely free! You and your chosen carer will work out the finer details, but on average it will be between £19 - £22 per hour.

So, if you take the average of £20 per hour, with 10 care hours a week, it will cost approximately £200 a week or £10,400 per year.

We take our commission from their hourly rate to you, which is generally around 12.5% . Most of our Personal Support Assistants earn at least £10 more than they would if they were working for a normal care agency.  We also find that most of our Personal Support Assistants are experienced in care as they have previous experience in similar care roles which will give you peace of mind that you are in good, experienced and very capable hands. 

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