Personal Care Support

Are everyday tasks becoming increasingly challenging to manage? We understand how this can affect the quality of life. Trust in our personal care assistants to restore ease in your life while preserving your dignity and recognising your unique needs. Hub personal assistants are not solely limited to practical aid but also include helping to create an environment of comfort and respect.

What to Expect With Personal Care Services

Personal Care services at Hub Care encompass more than just assistance with daily living tasks. The fully approved and vetted Personal Assistants on our register are devoted to creating an empathetic, respectful environment, offering a broad range of services designed to improve their client’s quality of life. Besides assisting with personal hygiene, mobility and eating, we can introduce you to assistants who can provide companionship to alleviate feelings of isolation. By choosing a PA that suits your preference, you take control of the care you need from the very beginning. Our PAs help with transportation to appointments, shops, or cafes and anything else you think you need help with.

Hub Personal Assistants can also help manage household chores that have become strenuous or unmanageable. From making beds and preparing meals to doing laundry and light housekeeping, they’re ready to step in. Personal Care is about fostering independence and dignity and improving overall well-being. With our PAs tailored services, the individuals they care for can continue enjoying their lives comfortably and safely in their own homes.

Common support provided

Meal preparation
Getting out of bed in the morning
Having a shower or wash
Driving to appointments
Laundry - washing and ironing
Taking your dog for a walk

How a Hub Personal Support Assistant can Help the Client:

With a Personal Assistants help, you no longer need to worry about your everyday tasks. Your chosen personal assistant aims to make life easier and support you in living your life to the fullest.


By mutually agreeing the support package directly with your chosen PA means you will build a strong relationship which will ensure reliability so your PA will arrive exactly when needed and offering the agreed support you expect. You control the reins of your care, and your Hub PA will ensure you have everything you need to make your days proceed smoothly.

How a Hub Personal Support Assistant can Help the Family:

Having a loved one who requires care can often be a daunting and worrying time for both the individual and the family. Our extensive register of independent Personal Assistants knows this, so will collaborate closely with the client and their families.

A Hub PA focuses on creating a space where everyone feels reassured with high-quality care they deserve. Trust in the hands of our Hub Personal Assistant, understanding that your loved ones are secure, comfortable, and receiving the care they need.

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