Mental Health Support

Caring for loved ones with mental health challenges requires particular consideration to ensure their well-being, dignity, and progress. When carefully chosen, skilled carers can provide the safe environment such loved ones need. A dedicated carer understands their unique needs, can help them manage their daily activities and handle any crises that may arise. They respect the person’s privacy in their care, thus ensuring their dignity.

Finding the right carer plays a pivotal role in providing a supportive, caring environment, bringing peace of mind to both the person in need and their family. Whether it’s a long-term, ongoing issue or throughout a particularly difficult period due to illness, recovery or any other traumatic event, getting the help and support you need can help improve your quality of life.

Getting Mental Health Support

Identifying the need for assistance is often the most challenging part when struggling with mental health difficulties. The process may feel daunting, and uncertainty about where to begin or who to approach can leave people confused or inclined to manage it independently.

Various channels offer help:

  • Friends and family
  • Your local GP
  • Mental health charities
  • Workplace assistance
  • Community support services
  • Student services

Even with some uncertainty, remember that asking for help or advice is always okay. Whatever you are going through, you are not alone; support is available.

Common Mental Health symptoms
can include...

Anxiety, fear and panic
Low mood, sadness and depression
Feeling lonely
Hallucinations and hearing voices

How a Hub Personal Assistant can help the Service User:

A Personal Assistant (PA) chosen from the Hub’s extensive register of carers is invaluable for individuals living with mental health issues. These trained professionals have the skills and sensitivity to provide meaningful support that makes a difference.

A Hub PA is trained to the highest QCAS standards to truly hear what you’re saying, offering a compassionate ear that can help alleviate some of the stress you might be feeling. You’re never alone when you’ve got a Hub PA on your side. By choosing a PA that suits your needs, you can be sure you are receiving the bespoke care and support you need.

Hub PAs are steadfast in their reliability, providing a sense of familiarity that can be deeply comforting in times of distress. You can count on them to be there as promised, offering a consistent presence that aids in forging a secure and trusting relationship.

How a Hub Personal Assistant can help the family: 

Hub Care Support strongly believes in empowering everyone to take charge of their own care. This people-focused ethos ensures that each person’s unique needs are met, and they receive the required support. With our services, you can rest assured of a carefully tailored care approach and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are cared for by a competent and skilled professional.

Our systematic collaboration with Service Users and their families ensures everyone’s perspectives are acknowledged, thereby ensuring more personalised, holistic care.

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