How much does home care cost in Birmingham? Private 2024.

Let us help you compare the costs of private home care services across Birmingham including hourly support, live-in, and night care and support. Costs can vary due to many factors such as support needs, location and care provider, but by how much? We have broken it down accordingly so you get a good idea of what to expect. In addition, we have compared the costs of Domiciliary Care Agencies alongside what you can expect to pay a private Independent Personal Assistant (carer) via an introduction service like Hub Care Support.


Elderly recieving home care and support

Different types of service for Home Care

Hourly Care/Support

Live-in Care/Support

Overnight (Sleeping)

Overnight (Waking)

There are so many different reasons why people require assistance at home. It could be disability, illness, impairment, mobility issues, to general loneliness. Maybe its Elderly Care, Companionship, Respite Care? Either way any factor can play a big part in the amount of support we feel is needed. This is why its important to find a home care provider that is the right one for you!


Hourly Care/Support Costs

Here is a breakdown of what care provided by the hour is likely to cost. Firstly, a single hour. Secondly, what you can expect to pay based off 4 hours of support each day over 1 week and 1 month.

Hourly Domiciliary Care Agency Independent PA with
Hub Care Support
1 Hour £28 – £40 £20 – £25
1 Day (4Hrs) £112 – £160 £80 – £100
1 Week (4Hrs Per Day) £784 – £1,120 £560 – £700
1 Month (4Hrs Per Day) £3,136 – £4,480 £2,240 – £2,800







Live-in Care/Support Costs

Live-in care can vary heavily based on requirements for support and breaks given etc. Provided is a typical average rate again broken down for insight.

Live-in Domiciliary Care Agency Independent PA with
Hub Care Support
1 Day £230 £172
1 Week £1,610 £1,204
1 Month £6,440 £4,816
1 Year £83,720 £62,608

Overnight Support – ‘Sleeping Night’ and ‘Disturbed Night’ Costs

Generally, ‘sleeping nights’ are for when someone is looking for comfort knowing someone is in the house or added security should their loved one need assistance. Rates vary depending on how often the carer is required during the night.

Sleeping Nights
(approx. 10hrs)
Domiciliary Care Agency Independent PA with
Hub Care Support
1 Night £170 – £210 £100 – £160
1 Week £1,190 – £1,470 £700 – £1,120
1 Month £4,760 – £5,880 £2,800 – £4,480

Overnight Support – ‘Waking Night’ Costs

‘Waking Night’ support is for a carer to remain awake and fully alert during the entire night, to then help with any task or support at any given time through the night.

Waking Nights Domiciliary Care Agency Independent PA with Hub Care Support
1 Night £220 – £260 £170 – £200
1 Week £1,540 – £1,820 £1,190 – £1,400
1 Month £6,160 – £7,280 £4,760 – £5,600


Why is there such a difference in pricing between an independent Personal Assistant and a Domiciliary Care Agency?

Undeniably, there is a big difference in pricing but why? Simply because the set up is very different. A traditional care agency employ and manage each carer and are responsible for their schedule of work. An introduction service like Hub Care Support do not.

The Personal Assistants manage their own work schedule being fully independent. Leading to you having direct communication with your chosen PA and only seeing the PA’s of your choice to build a strong trustworthy relationship. Most Service users and their families say this is the leading most important factor knowing themselves or their loved one can see the same face everytime and build something special as appose to a care agency.


What checks have the Personal Assistants had?

All PA’s on the Hub’s register must be approved under ‘QCAS’ (The Quality Care Approval Scheme) This means they must have a conviction free criminal record, identity checks, public liability insurance, right to work in the UK, attend all mandatory training and have verified references. This approval must be renewed every single year.

Hopefully this blog has been useful and given you a good insight into how much home care cost in Birmingham. Furthermore, you can evaluate private home care services and with the costs presented above helping you make a decision on a very personal matter! With the right support, it doesnt need to be a stressful, daunting experience!

For more information about Hub Care Support and how we can help please call 0121 573 0525 or click here to arrange a call back.

Please note all care agency fees provided within this blog are based upon the research we have conducted within the Birmingham are ourselves. For exact pricing, please contact the agency direct.

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