How much do carers cost in Devon?

The cost of carers varies according to the needs of the individual and the type of care being provided, and it does vary across the country.

The figures we’re using here are representative of carers working in Devon and are accurate at the time of writing. 


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So how much do carers actually cost in Devon? 


Let’s break it down.

Both agencies and independent carers usually charge by the hour: 

      • Agencies can often charge around £35-£40 an hour for private clients

      So if you’re looking for 3 hours support one morning a week you might be looking at around £105-£120 for a care agency and £65-£70 a week for an independent personal assistant. 

      Or if you wanted someone to come in for an hour each day, you could expect somewhere in the region of £240-280 a week for a care agency or around £175 per week for a private carer. 

      It really does depend on your needs and what you want out of the support. 


      Purple circle containing a white question markSo what’s the difference between a care agency and an independent carer? 

      Agencies will send someone out to do an assessment and set specific agreed tasks. These tasks will be carried out by someone from the agency, but the exact carer is likely vary from day to day, week to week.

      Agencies try to give a time slot when the carer will come, but are rarely able to work to an exact time. However, they will sometimes do very short 15 or 30 minute visits which can keep costs down.

      On the other hand, when you take on an independent personal assistant, you’re choosing a specific person to support you.

      Independent carers and PAs tend to be very flexible and will happily take on a range of tasks, including things like trips to the garden centre or wrapping presents, as well as more traditional help around the house, personal care or companionship.

      You will also have the same person with whom you can build an on-going relationship, and they will always come at the specific time you have agreed.


      Purple circle with a white exclamation mark insideWhat should I watch out for?


      It can be hard to know exactly how well-checked either independent carers or agency staff are, but you can rest easy knowing that all Hub Care Support Personal Assistants are QCAS registered. 


      This means that are they are all:

          • Fully trained in all 19 Skills for Care recommended subjects (e.g. manual handling, first aid, medication, safeguarding and more!)

          • DBS- checked and conviction-free – and this is regularly checked

          • Fully insured to be working in your home

          • Independently verified through reference and ID checks 

          • Able to legally work in the UK

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