Home Support Services

Home Support Services by QCAS Approved Personal Assistants

Having a Personal Support Assistant could enable you to stay living safely and comfortably.

Home support is a care service provided in and around your home. It gives you the option to stay independent by continuing to live in a familiar and comfortable place.

Whether you are rehabilitating following an operation, or are in need of a little extra support with personal care, medication administration or mobility support etc. – your dedicated Hub PA will provide the care and support you need.

Why Home Support?

Many people benefit from the comfort and familiarity of staying in their own home, especially with friends and neighbours close by.

Extra support at home can help you stay where you are, safely, with peace of mind for you and your loved ones that everything is taken care of.

However much you need your Personal Support Assistant is totally up to you. All visits are a minimum of one hour, and you could have anything from one hour every day, to one our every week or a few hours a few times a week! It’s a flexible service to fit around you, your wants and needs.


How can home support help?

Home support provides additional help when you need it, as well as reassurance to family members who aren’t always close by to help.

By having home support, you will benefit from:

Consistent, regular support from your own Personal Support Assistant
You choose the Person who you want to allow into your home and support you
Your independence is maintained
Peace of mind of remaining in your own home with your comforts and pets
Bespoke, tailored support to your own specific requirements
Specialist care including dementia, palliative/end of life care and mental health

When to consider home support

Home Support doesn’t need to mean personal care. It can simply be a way to make life a little easier for yourself and free your time up to do the things you love to do.

Many people consider home support when they want or need a little extra help around the house, from light cleaning duties, changing the bed or meal preparation. 

Home Support includes:

This is just a small indication of the home support Hub PAs can provide, but click here to view the additional support they can also provide.

Specialist Care

Many of our Personal Support Assistants provide support for specific health conditions including:

Degenerative diseases
Palliative/end of life care
Mental health

We've put together this short video which helps to explain the type of support our Personal Support Assistants can provide around you and your home...it's a little snapshot into what they could help you with!

It’s a simple process…

Our aim is to make it as easy and as personal to you as we possibly can. Home support is flexible and a Hub PA will fit around your needs, so you are one step closer to the care and support you want.

Get in touch

to discuss your home support needs. (Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what they are yet – we can help with that too!)

Review the profiles

of the Personal Support Assistants that we send and arrange an introductory chat with the ones you like

You choose

the Personal Support Assistant you want to enter your home and support you

There is no age limit for home support, it is suitable for all ages and by embracing it, you are able to benefit from staying in your familiar home space.

Home Support FAQ

Hub Personal Support Assistants will provide support for a minimum of 1 hour, with their hourly rate typically ranging from £20 – £25. The benefit for you, is you get to decide how much support you need and how it fits within your budget.

The introductory service we provide is to you is FREE, but the independent Personal Support Assistants are self employed, and are in charge of their own diary and invoicing, so your agreement will be with them. You will agree the costs and frequency of invoicing with the PA, and use a simple online payment system to pay them.

Every Personal Support Assistant is in charge of how they manage their relationship with the service user, but we would always recommend for them to have a contract because it will offer protection for both of you.

Yes! This is one of the things that differentiates us to a Care Agency. By using Hub Care Support and the Hub PA’s we introduce you to, you will ALWAYS have the same person visit; and they will come at the same time, on the same day as agreed between you both. That way you will always know who and when your support is coming.

Hub Personal Support Assistants can help with day to day tasks including household jobs such as ironing, meal preparation, making or changing beds and assisting with hair and make-up.

They can also provide companionship and help with hobbies. In fact, one of the PA’s helped a gentleman with his winery, and another was a companion for someone who wanted to go to a concert.

We don’t like to think of Hub PA’s as a care provider, they can be, and are, so much more than that.

We hope this will not be the case, it is generally quite rare and that’s because we will spend time with you to ensure we fully understand your requirements and get to know you; by doing this you can select the PA that matches your requirements and personality. Plus, you get the opportunity to meet with the PA before the support begins to help you make your decision.
But if it does happen, you can simply choose to cease the support from them and you can contact the Hub who will be happy to support you to be introduced to a different PA.

Yes. All Hub Personal Support Assistants must be fully approved QCAS members which means they must hold live and conviction free enhanced DBS, have completed and passed all compulsory training, have the right to work in the UK and have the relevant insurance. All of this needs to be checked and verified before we allow them to be part of our team. Always look for the trusted QCAS stamp of approval and you will know you are in safe hands!

QCAS (Quality Care Approval Scheme) is a unique approval scheme that sets the standard for all Personal Support Assistants to abide by. With the QCAS stamp of approval it provides reassurance for those seeking care and their loved ones, that their independent carer has abided by the QCAS code of conduct and is deemed approved for work. To find out more, visit the QCAS website here

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