Frequently Asked Questions

For Service Users:

The Process

The process is straight forward and we’ll guide you through each step.
● Simply chat with us to let us know or work out what support you need.
● We then send your wants and needs to our network of PAs
● If there is a PA(s) who is able to meet your needs and support you, they  will put themselves forward for your job and we will send you their profile
● Finally, you can then invite the/any PAs you like to meet with you and any loved ones to ensure you are a good fit. Here you can decide the finer details of your support
● Your chosen PA should then provide you with a contract, you should go through this together to ensure it accurately reflects the arrangements.
If you have any questions along the way, simply give us a call and we will help.
Don’t worry at all, most people we speak to aren’t yet sure what support they need.
We have a friendly and experienced team who can help you identify what kind of support you’re looking for.
Absolutely! We strongly recommend you meet with the PA(s) first to make sure you are a good fit for one another.
This initial meeting is free of charge and you are welcome to invite any friends or loved ones to join for their support too.
All Hub Care Support Personal Assistants are independent. This means we do not direct or control the PAs. They are responsible for their own work.
The PAs will provide you with services, similarly to when you choose a plumber or cleaner to provide a service for you.
All Hub Care Support PAs are in charge of their own hours, so they get to choose when, how often and how much they work.
When we send your job requirements to our network of PAs we will include the hours you need, so only those who can accommodate the hours you need will put themselves forward.
Visits by Hub PAs start at a minimum of a 1-hour visit to ensure they can provide companionship and a quality service to you.

Hub PAs can help with day to day support including household jobs, ironing, meal preparation, and taking to appointments. Some will also provide live-in care or personal care if needed. However, they can also provide companionship and help with hobbies. In fact, one of the Hub PAs helped a gentleman with his winery, and another was a companion for someone who wanted to go to a concert. We don’t like to think of a Hub PA as a care provider, they can be, and are, so much more than that.

By getting to know you and your needs well first, and by meeting with your PA before them working for you, we hope to avoid this and do in the vast majority of cases!
However, if you decide that it isn’t working with your PA, we can support you to be introduced to a new one.
We would always recommend having a contract in place between you and your PA  because it will ensure that you both have a clear understanding of the arrangements and have planned for circumstances in the future.
All Hub Personal Assistants have access to template contracts for you to review and adapt together to ensure it accurately reflects the agreement you have discussed.
Yes! This is one of the many things that makes using a Hub PA different to a Care Agency.
By using a Hub PA, you will always have the same person visit; and they will come at the time you have already agreed between you.
In the rare event of your PA not being able to attend, they may send a substitute, who must also be QCAS approved. We recommend that you meet any potential substitute in advance to make sure they’re familiar with your requirements and you are happy for them to provide your support.

Each Hub PA is independent and is entitled to take annual leave when they choose, but they should always give you plenty of notice to enable you to arrange other support, or they may provide a substitute PA to support you.

This should already be outlined in the contract you have in place together from the start so you are aware of and comfortable with the process you’ve mutually agreed.

As you don’t employ your PA, you do not need to pay ‘holiday pay’.

If the support you would like changes, first discuss this with your PA to see if they are able to accommodate the changes you need to make (whether that means more or less hours, different days or more/less support).
If they aren’t able to, please do get in touch with us so we can look to introduce you to a new PA who can provide the support you would like!


We are all about making life that bit easier for you, helping you to live your life to the full!
Our PA’s have completed specialist training which means they can effectively support people with a wide variety of conditions and needs, including personal care, but many of our PA’s
Service Users simply want a little extra help around the house, changing beds, ironing, putting a wash on or meal preparation.
It’s their priority to provide companionship when wanted, so they can support you to attend clubs, days out, social gatherings, hobbies and even holidays or concerts!
Find out more here.
Yes, this is something many PA’s are happy to do.
We recommend to all of our PA’s that they have business insurance included within their personal car insurance so they are fully covered to transport you.
This is something we would recommend you confirm with your PA within your initial appointment with them.
A nurse is someone who would provide medical support e.g. change dressings, check how a wound is healing, administer injections and general health checks, they won’t support you
with hobbies, companionship and household tasks.
Your PA is not there to provide medical care, but can support you to get to or book appointments and can support you with personal care (washing and dressing, going to the toilet etc.), taking medication or meal preparation and eating.
Although the support they provide has many similarities, there are lots of differences between an agency care worker and a Hub PA!
● An agency worker is employed by a care agency, a Hub PA is independent.
● An agency worker is sent wherever they are needed at what time by the agency that day. A Hub PA is not directed or controlled by the Hub and can choose the clients they would like to support and manage their own time.
● An agency worker is usually sent on much shorter visits only completing tasks
requested by their agency. A Hub PA is with you for at least 1 hour and does not have to report to an agency head office as they are independent.
● Both complete at least a minimum level of care training
● Care workers are typically paid a minimal wage, with the majority going to the agency. Hub PA earns around 100% more than an agency worker on average.

Live-in Carers

We understand that inviting a live-in carer to your home is a unique and personal step, so our experienced team will often visit you in your home to get to know you, identify your wants and ensure your home can accommodate a live-in PA.
We can then introduce you to PAs in our network who may be able to meet your needs.
Again you are very welcome to have family or friends with you in these meetings to support you.
A Hub live-in PA stays with you at your home.
They are there to provide peace of mind and allow you to stay in the comfort of your own home with familiar surroundings and continue to have your independence.
Live-in PAs are happy to support with many tasks such as personal care, domestic support, meals and companionship.
A live-in PA will need their own private space, a bedroom with a suitable bed and furniture that allows them to store their belongings.
Access to facilities such as laundry, bathroom and kitchen. We will be able to discuss more these details with you as we get to know you.
This is a completely personal choice, so it is entirely up to you, but some people prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by their own belongings, loved ones or pets.
For some, being surrounded by these home comforts and reducing elements of change can be very beneficial towards both their mental and physical health.


Every Hub Care Support PA must be QCAS approved to work independently through us. This membership is renewed every year and without it they are not able to apply for any of the work opportunities we share.
Find out more about QCAS here. 
Independent Personal Assistants are outside of the scope of CQC, even though they can provide similar support services agencies.
It is essential to us to be able to reassure those coming to us seeking care, so we ensure that every single Hub PA is approved under QCAS (Quality Care Approval Scheme).
QCAS is a unique approval scheme that sets the standard for all Personal Support Assistants to abide by, it checks that every PA:
● Is fully trained in all 19 Skills for Care recommended subjects (e.g. manual handling,
first aid, medication, safeguarding and more!)
● Has a conviction-free DBS
● Is fully insured
● Has had their references and IDs manually checked
● Has the right to work in the UK
To find out more, visit the QCAS website here
You or your loved ones can check your PA’s QCAS status at any time – 24/7.
All you need is the unique QCAS ID number, which will be on their ID badge. Or scan the QR code on their ID badge.
Simply click here, enter their number next to ‘Check a Member’ and hit enter. If you have any concerns around the QCAS status of your PA, get in touch with us directly or contact them here.


There is no charge for finding or meeting your PA – this is a free community service provided by us at the Hub.
The only time you pay is once your support service has been provided and this is charged directly to you by your chosen PA.
On average, our PAs charge £20 – £25 per hour, providing support to you for a minimum of 1-hour per visit.
Your PA will send you an invoice, this will contain instructions on how to pay.
The frequency of your invoices (e.g. weekly/monthly), will be agreed between you and your PA before they start to provide your support.

Getting Work

For Personal Assistants:

Getting Work

Once registered with the Hub, you will receive all work opportunities via email from your branch. You can put yourself forward for any you would like and are suitable for.
You can also view the ‘work opportunities’ from your Hub account, this will always show a list of live jobs that you can apply for with just a click.
Whenever you see a work opportunity that suits you and you are suitable for, you can apply directly from the email or you can apply via on your Hub account on the website.
We then send your profile on to the service user for them to review and if they think you are a good match, they’ll invite you to meet with them to give you both the opportunity to see if you will be a good fit before committing to anything.
This may be dependent on your chosen branch, but generally speaking, no!
Hub Care Support is here to help you to work as an independent Personal Assistant, working the hours that suit you. As and when you are looking for more work, we will always do our best to support you.
Your role as an independent Personal Assistant is designed to work around your wants and needs, whether that’s fitting in with family commitments, additional work or simply how you want your work-life balance to be!
We do not direct or control you. There is no head-office to have to report to, you are in charge of the days, times and hours you want to work. Simply apply only for work opportunities that suit you.
No we do not employ you. We provide an introductory service for independent Personal Assistants. This means you will have choice and control. You will never be directed where to go and what to do.

Rates and Fees

As an independent Personal Assistant, you can set your own hourly rate, but for guidance, the average hourly rate is £20 – £25 per hour
As you are independent, you are responsible for your own tax and returns.
We have a trusted accountant partner who can give you all the guidance you need and even do your taxes for you at a subsidised fee – so don’t worry if accountancy isn’t your thing, help is available to guide you through everything!
You will invoice your clients directly through our simple to use system. This allows you to keep track of the status all of your invoices. You will receive instant notification when you receive payment.
You will receive their payment directly into your bank account.
Hub PA’s earn on average over 100% more than if they were working for a care agency!

Working with Service Users

Working as an independent Personal Assistant with Hub Care Support puts you in total control of the work you do. You choose when you work, the support you are happy to provide and who you would like to work with. We do not rota you and you are under no obligation.
You can find out more about the type of support Hub PAs provide here. Services range from personal care to accompanying a client to a concert! You choose the support you are comfortable to provide and only apply for those work opportunities.
At Hub Care Support, we introduce you to service users of all ages, backgrounds and requirements. This means you could have the opportunity to work with any service user that you have the necessary skills and training to work with. Service Users can have wide variety of support needs, from young adults with additional learning or mental health needs to older adults requiring personal care (and everything in between!).
Many of our PA’s service users are simply seeking companionship and flexible support around the home.
We would strongly recommend that you have a contract with each of your clients.
A signed contract helps to ensure that you both have a clear understanding of the
arrangements and have planned for circumstances in the future.
We provide all Hub Personal Assistants with access to template contracts for you to review and adapt with your client to ensure it accurately reflects the agreement you have discussed.
If you are no longer able to support one of your clients, this is your choice. The service user is always welcome to contact us to be introduced to a new PA. It would be your
responsibility to let your client know.

Support from the Hub

From the moment you consider joining the Hub, to being well underway supporting your own Service User, your Hub branch is there to support and guide you.
We provide you with everything you need from finding work opportunities to providing you with simple to use facilities that enable you to invoicing your service users, track payments, support with tax, a wealth of knowledge and experience from the sector, professional templates and resources plus additional specialist training along the way.
Every Hub PA is matched with their own ‘Hub buddy’, so you will always have someone within our kind, caring community to lean on.
Some of our PAs have been with us since the very start and they still receive just as much support now as they did back then, so it never waivers!
We continually market on your behalf to bring new work opportunities.
Our Hub Buddies are there to get to know you personally and are always there to help you provide you with professional advice, support and guidance for what ever situation may arise.
We have worked hard to make everything as simple and straightforward as possible, so you can spend your time on delivering fantastic care rather than admin!
Every Hub PA has a log in to their own dashboard which holds templates for things like contracts, risk assessments, record sheet and contact forms.
Our simple to use online facilities allow you to create and track your invoices with ease. Get instant notification when you have received payment.
We even work with a partner accountant to help you with your annual tax returns.
We do not currently provide working visa sponsorship, however we would be very happy to support you in your care journey as and when you have achieved the right to work in the UK.

Safety and Training

Being approved by the Quality Care Approval Scheme (QCAS) is a fantastic way of showing service users, potential service users and their families that you:
● Are trained to Skills for Care best practice recommendations
● Are fully insured
● Have an enhanced, conviction-free DBS
● Have had your identification checked
● Have current and positive references, manually checked
● Have the right to work in the UK
They can also check your QCAS member status at any time using the live online checker, 24-7.

Find out more about QCAS here.

All training is provided under your QCAS membership. This includes all 19-mandatory modules as recommended by Skills for Care.
Other than that, the most essential skills are empathy, kindness and compassion.
Yes, as you will be working as an independent Personal Assistant, you will need your own public liability insurance, however this is included automatically within your QCAS membership, so you don’t have to arrange this or pay-out on additional costs.
You are required to have business cover included with your car insurance, if you use your vehicle for work. This is usually inexpensive and simple to add.
It covers you when traveling between clients or when transporting them.

Local authorities and organisations within the Health and Social Care sector:

All of our Personal Assistants work independently, so we don’t ‘send them out’ on visits, however if you would like us to introduce you to our highly trained and experienced network of PAs we will certainly do our best to help you.
To ensure we can continue delivering the service we provide to both service users and independent Personal Assistants, we charge the Personal Assistant a small service fee.
There are no hidden fees or additional payments for using our introductory and support services.
Every Hub Care Support PA must be QCAS-approved before approaching or working for any clients. QCAS membership ensures the PA will have:
● A live, conviction-free enhanced DBS
● Verified identification
● An ID badge with a unique ID number and QR code, where their status can be checked at any time
● Full, up-to-date training, including all 19-mandatory modules as recommended by Skills for Care
● Written references which have been manually validated
● Full insurance
● The right to work in the UK


We operate as a bfa-member franchise throughout the UK which means we are committed to ethical franchising.
For us, the right attitude and personal qualities are the most important factor, we provide comprehensive training to all of our franchisees to ensure they possess all of the skills to run a successful and ethical business.
You can visit our franchise website here for more information and how to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.
Please direct all marketing and press enquiries to Jen Chapman:

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We love the Hub because we have the same PA each time and we chose them out of a list of PAs, so we picked the PA most suited to mine and my sister’s needs and we have now formed a friendship and trust.

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