Keep cool this summer

There’s no getting away from the fact that summers in the UK are changing, sadly due to Climate change they are getting hotter and hotter. When the temperatures begin to soar, being out in the sunshine becomes more dangerous or even deadly and will affect everyone, but particularly the elderly, younger children, pregnant women and […]

A Useful guide to loneliness

Image shows two young men chatting outside and smiling

Here are 6 useful facts you should know about loneliness 1. Loneliness is natural and normal! Loneliness is your body’s way of letting you know you’re not getting your social needs met.  It does not mean there is anything wrong with you, or that you aren’t normal.  In fact 85% of people have experienced loneliness […]

Stroke – signs to be aware of

a line drawing of a head with dots coming out of the top to demonstrate an issue with the brain

A stroke is a serious medical condition which is life threatening and very worrying when it happens to you or a member of your family.  It happens when blood supply to a part of your brain is cut off killing brain cells and needs to be treated in hospital as soon as possible; the sooner […]

Stress Awareness Month

A stick person with lightning bolts and crosses coming out of their head signifying stress

1st April 2023 marks the start of the 31st year of stress awareness month. Mental health and stress are now one of the biggest health challenges that we face in modern society, and despite this challenge and how common it is, it still has a stigma attached to it. We continue to separate mental health […]

Caring for Carers

Guidance for people who are carers Are you a carer? Many people will probably not realise they are a carer and would answer this question with a no, but actually what they don’t realise is that in fact they are. So ask yourself these questions, and if you answer YES to any of them, then you […]

Take care of the elderly during the winter

older lady with younger lady having tea and cake together

Taking care of the older generation during the winter is something we all need to consider a bit more these days, especially with the cost of living crisis in full swing. According to Age UK 62% of older people have had to cut back on heating or powering their home recently to make ends meet. […]

Approaching a difficult conversation

Depending on the person you are speaking to can mean a different reaction so we have put together a useful guide to help you approach the difficult conversation around when to ask for help and using a Personal Support Assistant (or carer) at home.  What is the best way to approach the conversation The most […]

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