Agency Care v Hub Care

We absolutely believe there is a place for agency care and we are happy to work alongside care agencies to compliment any existing care you may already receive.

Firstly – Hub PA’s are around 40% cheaper than agency care!

You choose the carer you want to take care of you

We take time to get to know you and will send you a selection of carers who we think will fit your requirements the best. You can arrange to meet with them and decide who you want to help.

You choose the day and time you want them to come

No waiting around unsure of when the carer will turn up or waiting for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can discuss with your carer to arrange times for visits that work for you both.

You will always have the same Personal Support Assistant

Unless they are on holiday (in which case they will arrange for someone to cover for them), you will ALWAYS have the same Personal Support Assistant every time they come. 

They don’t just get you out of bed, make your breakfast and leave

All Hub PA’s will come for a minimum of 1 hour, and can do so much more than personal care and meal preparation.  If you want someone to take you to do your weekly shop, or to help with errands then they can do that.  If you want someone to take you to appointments or just provide companionship and take you to a coffee shop then they can do that.  Nothing is too unusual – in fact one Personal Support Assistant was a chaperone for her client who wanted to go to a concert!

QCAS endorsed provider

All Hub Personal Support Assistants are approved by the Quality Care Approval Scheme (QCAS) which means peace of mind for you that your carer is appropriately trained, accredited and qualified to do the job they are doing.

We make finding consistent, quality care simple!

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